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Author: Mrs. Justina Ilochi

This is the 4th day of our walk with Our Lady down the Call to Action lane. Today we are called to reflect deeply on “Am I going to heaven?”

Where are we going if we are not going to heaven?

Pondering this very important question should reminds us to consider the purpose of our existence on earth. We are all unique human beings created by God.

Heaven is the reward for good stewardship. Good stewardship is rooted in the 10 commandments, the laws of the church and more. Very often we think that just keeping the 10 commandments and the laws of the church can take us to heaven. However, going to heaven is much more than that. When we go to heaven we shall be with the Three Persons in One God, Our Lady and all the angels and saints. It seems like there is no duplication in heaven. When we go to heaven we shall occupy our own seat. That’s why we are unique human beings. As human beings what is our special purpose on earth? What unique part of the Body of Christ are we? Do we know? Let’s write it down. Some of us can sing, draw, run, cook, jump etc. Others are doctors, businessmen, nurses, engineers, teachers priests, nuns, parents, etc that’s our uniqueness and what we bring to the table of the Lord. That is what we are accountable for. Is our uniqueness taking us towards heaven or hell?

Deep reflection leads us to think daily about how we have used our uniqueness (special talent) to serve and love God above all things and our neighbour as ourselves. For it is entirely possible to keep the commandments and laws of the church without using our talents in the slightest. Actually, we could be using our talents to serve the evil one’s purpose if we don’t learn the virtue of daily reflection on whether we are going to heaven. This is why it is possible to go to church and the sacraments and still manage not to go to heaven. It is important to remind ourselves that during the time of Christ on earth there were Jews who were scripture scholars who read the scroll and taught the principles of their faith yet they didn’t recognise Jesus. Reflection is a powerful instrument and reflecting deeply is very desirable for us all. As Jesus taught us:- what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his soul?

Our Lady of Aokpe, the Mediatrix of All Graces…Pray for us to reflect on how to make our talents take us to heaven. Amen

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