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Apparition and Miracles

Aokpe Solar miracle
Christiana receiving  Holy Communion from angel
Aokpe Holy Spring

  Solar Miracles 

Eucharistic Miracle 

Healing Waters 

  • Eucharistic Miracle - The first Public Pilgrimage took place on the 3rd and 4th August 1994, Our Lady told Christiana that 4th August would become a special Feast day and that August 4th 1994 would be a particular day of grace for her.

  • Healing Waters - One of the miracles in Aokpe, is the presence of healing waters, which took place on 16th May 1996.

  • The ability to speak English - This miracle took place on 13th September, when Our Lady gave Christiana the grace to speak English by the power of the Holy Spirit. This was to be invaluable to Christiana as she could now speak to all the pilgrims who would travel from different parts of Nigeria to Aokpe.

  • Solar Miracles - The number of Pilgrims increased at each of the eight Public Pilgrimages, except for the last one. In January and February 1996, there were over one hundred thousand people present. One thing that attracted the crowds was the solar miracles. The biggest solar miracle occurred on 21 November 1999. In the past year Aokpe hosted a pilgrimage for about a hundred Seminarians who were treated to a Miracle of the sun by Our Lady.

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