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Our Lady of Aokpe and Her Sorrowful Tears

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Christiana mentioned someone desirous to be holy, our Lady said, "Tell him to pray, to do penance, offer sacrifices and attend Holy Mass regularly and stop worrying too much"


Our Lady says, "Holy Mass leads one to a renewed spirit of prayer. It makes one walk in the light of faith and love. It gives the greatest glory to God.


Pray for peace in Nigeria.


Pray because of the problem which is coming: the great darkness.

People are still committing sins and new sins are being introduced into the world"


(The Mediatrix of All Graces to Christiana 24th February, 1996)

Author: Fr. Paulinus Emeka

Let us reflect on this message of our Lady, paying attention to her tears! Tears! Tears! Her tears! Why Tears! Our Lady looking sad said "I come to cover you my children with my arms from the heat of the sun that is coming. There are some that will want to remain under the great heat of the sun, which will soon come. There are those, who have died in sin and the word of God meant nothing to them. My little, little children, it is because of you that I am coming down from Heaven. It is because of you that I am always weeping and my eyes are always with tears. My children look at this great sorrow, which I have because of you. See how miserable I am now. The devil is prepared seriously. That is why I always say, you should pray seriously. It is a serious message because the devil will defeat those who are not prayerful. Those that pray without concentration should try to be serious with their prayer life. The devil will come to spread his errors in 1998. That is why I am coming down and asking you to pray so that you can overcome the devil. Come with your sins, be truly sorry for them and return to God and He will forgive you. But if you don't come back to God He will be angry and turn his back on you and you will suffer. I will assist those of you who implore my help".

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The absolute reason why she the Mediatrix of All Graces calls us is to help us focus and organise our lives on the way to heaven. Do you dream heaven? Do you think heaven? Do you know that heaven is God's consolation to all in this valley of tears otherwise, all is...

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