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Our Lady of Aokpe and the Holy Mass

Our Lady’s first assignment to us is to Pray, Pray and Pray. I always wonder why? And I know you do too? As we remain in the Wonder, why pray and what to pray! She ask us to attend Holy Mass frequently, whenever we are where Mass is celebrated. She said that Mass gives highest glory to God.

Would I say that God is happy whenever Mass is celebrated. Yes of course. I remember Fulton Sheen said that at Mass, God sees each of us through Jesus, not as we are but as Jesus. Would you imagine that the greatest delight of God is to be with us?  At Mass, it is fully realised. God takes delight to be with us. But, not like our parents even though they take delight in staying with their children but not continuously. They feel bored at times, but it is not like that with God. In Him we live and move and have our being.

Mass at Chapel of the Holy Family Aokpe

St Augustine urges us always to pray to God in us. As sin separated God and Adam and Eve in a physical way, so does our sin separates us from God.  Our Lady wants us to break with our sins by attending Mass frequently and experience a unique presence of God. Our Lady further reminds us that God is waiting for us at Mass. Never force yourself to understand the mystery of the holy Mass. Go with good disposition of heart. It is enough that  your sole intention is to please our  dear mother.  I go to Mass, for your intentions dear mother since you want it. Do it for Her! Thanks!

Reflection Message of Our Lady by Fr. Paulinus Emeka

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