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Our Lady of Aokpe and the Miracle of the Sun

Let us look at the sky to behold the Dancing Sun! There was a vivid pattern in the events of the public apparitions of Our Lady at Aokpe which occurred on 4th August 1995, 29th September 1995, 4th November 1995, 8th December 1995, 24 February 1996,  31st May 1996  and with a particularly unique and different pattern witnessed on the 26/27 January 1996.


Call it the dancing sun, or miraculous sun! It is the seal of the authenticity of the apparitions! It is its indelible mark! It was for all. It was the magnetic eloquence that attracted all and sundry. It left all speechless. It is ever new! Wasn't taken for granted! Its display is magnificently different from one another. I doubt if Christiana witnessed them. It is a mother's consolation for her children who have come from far and wide to welcome her and her way of saying thank you for coming! As Christiana would be waving her bye bye the unimaginable would start: the dancing sun! The miraculous sun! Sparkling different rays of light in a noon time, with her atmospheric manifestation of peace in form of sweet gentle air. It mesmerized the pilgrims to a point of communal ecstasy! Aokpe was too much to resist!

The Mediatrix of All Graces used the sun to show her audacity and leave no one in mental confusion or doubt. It was so simple for her. The sun is the witness and seal of her messages. Just to remark that late Archbishop G. G. Ganaka desiring to attend that apparition on 4th November 1995 unfortunately found himself late and to console him Our Holy Mother the Mediatrix of All Graces showered him with unforgettable theophany of the miraculous dancing sun while he was on his way. He was lost in admiration he would later recount.


The 26/27 January apparition had a different pattern altogether from the others. Like previous ones the pilgrims were glued in wonder and amazement. It happened unexpectedly and immediately after the evening Mass, around 6:45pm. An unimaginable light appeared in the sky like a pointed touch, all glowing and filling the environment with sweetness of colors.  This phenomenon brought calm to the countless number of pilgrims. Nothing is asked for except to pray. Heaven was miraculously united with earth at Aokpe. It was thy kingdom come! Christiana may have witnessed this one if her managers did allow her. The public apparition had not yet started on that day. It was just a welcome by over joyous mother for her children. The next day as would be expected after the apparition at noon and Christiana's bye bye gesture, there was no dancing sun with beautiful different rays of light this time but, instead an ABSOLUTE CALM, QUIET, AND PEACE WERE, VERY PALPABLE. THE THOUSANDS OF PILGRIMS WERE INSTANTANEOUSLY GENTLE. NO STAMPEDE. Do you believe that! That is the weight of the Mediatrix of All Graces. Thanks!

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