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Our Lady of Aokpe and the Rosary

Our Lady says clearly and always recite the holy Rosary. Continuously! Pray the Rosary! Why is the Rosary difficult to pray? Ask yourself! Then, ask our Lady to teach you to love and to pray the Rosary. Is this not a supreme motivation that the mother of God request of you to pray the Rosary. A guarantee! A certainty! It is as if we cannot please her except with the Rosary. Let us struggle to pray the Rosary. Simple but difficult. Easy but demanding. Let us listen to Servant of God, Lucia Dos Santos, she said, the Mother of God has so empowered the Rosary that I do not know any problem that the Rosary would not solve. Please, let us continue to pray the Rosary as to form the habit. The Rosary is the weapon. The Mediatrix of All Graces offered it to us as the solution to all our problems.



















Reflections on Our Lady's Message by Fr. Paulinus Emeka

Rosary at the apparition ground aokpe
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