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Our Lady of Aokpe on Prayer and Penance


On January 27th, 1996, she said that, "why I am coming down from heaven is because I want to remind you of what to do and what you are not to do. Do not sin again and as I have been telling you, pray, pray and pray. Do penance!


May 31st, 1996, she said "I have been coming down from Heaven, warning you to repent, but you don't want to repent and you don't ask for the Grace of God. What the Devil has put into you are to continue in a life of sin so that you will not think about the Ten Commandments of God. Repent! My little children will you repent?

pilgrims during penance at aokpe

On August 4th 1995, our Lady said to Christiana "my name here is Mediatrix of all Graces" Christiana asked our Lady, what that meant, she responded "I am the Mediatrix between God and Man" 


September 29th, 1995 she said, "My dearest children pray, pray and pray. Stop committing sin. Pray that you will have the grace to enable you to stop committing sin.


November 4th, 1995, she said that "I have the grace that given to men would keep them away from sin and they would have the fear of God"

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