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Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Pray for the Sick

The Blessed Lady appeared saying, "Ask Grace to follow you to the hospital to pray for the sick ones. You must be quick about it, for the time to be empowered by the Holy Spirit is very close."

Message of the Blessed Lady to Christiana Agbo at Aokpe Nigeria - 4th January 1994

Our heavenly Mother has one final goal for all her children: to make heaven. She reminds us of the objectives to achieve this goal. She does not want us to major in the minor. Many Christians today are carried away by things that don’t really matter (Luke 10:41). Our heavenly Queen, knowing the secrets of heaven, comes very early in the year to remind us of the way to go. The Judge of the last day shall base his judgement on few precepts and today’s reminder is one: “When I was sick, you visited me” (Mt. 25:36) and that gives the “Sheep” the ticket and makes him a predestined soul.

Our mother also knows that this act requires grace. In the current hustle and bustle of the modern life, pressure amongst other things is enough to extinguish the thought of good works and where they are already nurtured, it can nip it in the bud making it impossible to practice good works. So she reminds us to ask for grace that she may always accompany us for where she is the Holy Spirit is also with his empowerment. For to do good, power is required.

O Blessed Lady, pray for us that we may be empowered by the grace of the Holy Spirit to do good that will bring us heavenly reward. Amen.


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