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Ask the Holy Spirit to Direct You

The Blessed Lady said, "In worshipping God, you must ask the Holy Spirit to direct you. When you do the will of God and give to your neighbour when he is in need, you receive abundant graces from the most Holy Trinity."

Part 2 Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo in Aokpe Nigeria - 25th February 1994

It is unfortunate that many “Christians” are so much into systems that their walk with the Holy Spirit has become insignificant. The Holy Spirit is our director, our guide and our Teacher. He is the highest gift of the Father to all believers. His power and presence in our lives make us compliant with the will of the Father.

Our Blessed Mother, in this apparition, links the will of the Father to a practical aspect of Love: giving to those in need. This calls for our return to the seven corporal works of mercy and also the seven spiritual works of mercy at this time of lent in the Catholic world. We are to remember the three pillars of prayers, fasting and giving (Mt. 6:1-18) not the way hypocrites do but according to the teaching of the Lord, Jesus.

When we give to those in need, there is a reward for it (Lk. 6:38 ) and Our Holy Mother assures us of abundant graces from the Most Holy Trinity. Let us be encouraged to give it a try this season. Hail Mary, full of grace…, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen

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