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How To Be Pure So That We Can See Heaven

Updated: May 17, 2022

Brothers and sisters, I write while listening to adore te devote—a calming song to the soul. It lifts my heart to God; it brings tears of joy; impulses become still and peaceful. It is healing to the soul. I bless the composer and the choir for rendering it so pure. You may take time to listen to it.

This song has led me to reflect on the excerpt of the Prayer of our Blessed Lady - Help us to be pure so that we can see heaven. The whole prayer directs us to seek things of heaven, for it is there that our treasure is safe. In Mathew chapter 6: 19-21, Jesus tells us not to store up treasure for ourselves here on earth where moth and rust destroy it, thieves can break in and steal it. Store up treasure for yourself, where no moth or rust can destroy nor thief break in and steal it. This is basically about excessive attachment to the things of this world such as ideas, persons or worldly goods. Such attachment disenfranchises us from perfect unity with our Blessed Lord and prevent us from saying our prayers well. In reminding us of this message of our Blessed Lord, our Blessed Lady has given this prayer wherein she asked us to become Saints.

To ask to be Saint (holy) takes absolute courage. Because you are praying to our Blessed Lord, with the aid of our Lady to say goodbye to mediocrity, transforming the heart into a throne for our Blessed Lord. This means, becoming acutely aware of every moment of our daily living, this would lead to making genuine confession and presenting our contrite hearts to God.

According to ancient mystics, awareness leads to light, spiritual maturity, and peace of the soul. In other words, we become Jesus himself: kind and loving children of our Blessed Lady.

The heart can be wandering in the wilderness when choked up with all kinds of longings: fame, influence, possession, security, power. Most of the time, we make our Blessed Lord the least of our longing. To a large extent, this disorients us so that we grope in the dark, doubting his Divine love and mercy. The revolution of detachment must happen before he comes if it has not taken place in you already.

How do we detach ourselves to make our hearts a temple for our Blessed Lord?

  1. We must declare with Phillip Neri with joy, enthusiasm and abandonment, preferisco il paradiso (I prefer heaven).

  2. Extend help to those in need with joy in our hearts and thanksgiving to our Blessed Lord for the graces obtained.

  3. Let us not be anxious about money. He will surely take care of everything in his own good time. Fear and anxiety must be effectively controlled.

  4. Adopt a simple life so that others can be part of life. 'Makes simplicity a grace' (Epicoene' (1609) act 1, sc. 1).

  5. Make our Blessed Lord number one, become immersed in his words, read the Holy Bible.

  6. Do not worry about anything, he takes care of the birds! Trust in Divine Providence.

I intend to further reflect on the excerpt ‘help us to be pure so that we can see heaven’ in future by the grace of God. May our Blessed Lady aid us constantly on this journey.

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