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I am the Immaculate Conception

I am your Mother all beautiful, and as such I am invoked by you. I wish to clothe you with my own beauty, and I exhort you to follow after me in the road of grace and holiness, of purity and virginity. It is sin that offends your interior beauty. For this reason, I invite all of you to fight every day against so great an evil.

Sin is a consequence of that original disorder by which you unfortunately have been prevented from being conceived and born as I was, wholly immaculate. All of you were born burdened by the weight of this heavy and evil inheritance. You were released from it at the moment of your baptism, but it's consequences have remained with you, leaving you so very fragile and still so easily attracted by sin, to which you fall victim often during the course of your lives.

The first thing you must do is to recognize sin as an evil and to repent immediately with an act of pure and supernatural Love. How many of my children today no longer recognize it as an evil. Often they welcome it as something good and as such they let it penetrate into their souls, into their hearts and into their lives. They are then no longer capable of repentance and live habitually

infected by this grave disease. You should resort to the medicine which the mercy of Jesus has prepared for you: the sacrament of reconciliation. Never as in these times has the practice of frequent confession been so necessary. Today confession is disappearing from the lives and practices of so many of my children, and this is a sign of the crisis the church is undergoing.(Our Lady to Fr Stephen Gobbi)

Mother of the life of my soul, nurse of the redeemer of my flesh, who gave suck to the saviour of my whole being but what am I saying? My tongue fails me, for my love is not sufficient. How can I speak worthily of the mother of the creator and saviour, by whose sanctity my sins are purged, by whose integrity incorruptibility is given me, by whose virginity my soul falls in love with itsy Lord and is married to its God. O human virgin, of you was born a human God, to save human sinners, and see, before both Son and Mother is a human sinners, penitent and confessing, groaning and praying. I beg you both, good Lord and good Mother, dear son and dear Mother, by this truth which is the only hope of sinners, that you will be her Son and you will be his Mother to save this sinner.

Thus, thus let this sinner be absolved and cared for, healed and saved. In this he shows himself to be your sinner, as indeed he is, for he knows you to both Son and Mother for the salvation of sinners. Indeed I am the sinner who belongs to you both. God, who was made the Son of a Woman out of mercy, Woman who was made Mother of God out of mercy. have Mercy upon this wretch, you forgiving, you interceding, or show the unhappy man to whom he may flee for safety and point out in whose power he may more certainly confide.

Most blessed Lady, it is not possible for you to forget that those merit which are so specially yours are very necessary to us. Most gentle Mother, it is not credible that you should not pity such pitiable suppliants. I remain a problem to you, Son and Mother, until I am saved. Amen. ( St. Anselm).

Our Father... Hail Mary... Glory be to . . .

We fly to your protection . . .

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