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I Have Come to Warn You Again to Amend Your Ways

The Blessed Lady appeared when we were reciting the Rosary and said, "My little children, I have come to warn you again to amend your ways, and that if you do not amend your ways, the chastisement will be very great. There will be so much trouble in the world. God is going to chastise the world, and it will be terrible. The anger of God will be felt. There will be great darkness; the world will be shaken."

Part 1 Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo in Aokpe Nigeria – 3rd March 1995 The holy Rosary was being said when our holy Mother appeared and warned us to amend our ways. It means that praying is important but it cannot be done in isolation. It must complement the way we live. In fact, if we do not live in accordance with the commandments, there shall be chastisement, great trouble in the world, the anger of God will be felt and there will be great darkness. All of these are the consequences of not amending our evil ways of life. It is surprising that the way I live my life has a connection with the stability of the whole world. It is erroneous then to say “It is my life and I live the way I choose”. This also means that we all have a responsibility to assist those in difficulty because ultimately their actions and reactions have a way of affecting us either proximately or remotely.

This reminds us of how the anger of God was felt by the whole nation of Israel and they lost thirty-six men in battle because of the sin of one man named Achan (Joshua 7:5). Therefore, it is not correct to say “I don’t care. Whatever he likes let him do with his life”. We owe one another a duty to live right and to correct and guide that the anger of God may not fall on us all. Questions to consider: 1. In your own opinion, what is the meaning of the chastisement, great trouble in the world and great darkness that our holy Mother spoke about? 2. Is the world really a spiritual eco-system where my action affects another for good or for bad? Is my love not limited to Catholics or at best Christians only?

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