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Keep Yourselves From All Evil Ways

The Blessed Lady said, "Do penance. Keep yourself from all evil ways. Offer up as sacrifice all persecutions and all kinds of sorrow you undergo, as well as what you want to do but cannot. Pray that the kingdom of God will live in your heart. May the grace of God be with you always, my children."

Part 2 Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo in Aokpe Nigeria – 1st March 1995 Our holy Mother admonishes us in this apparition to keep ourselves from all evil ways. Unfortunately, many Christians today are unable to distinguish evil ways from right ways. How can a Christian bind himself to freemasonry and still profess Christianity. Why would a Catholic consult a necromancer, practice syncretism and still be comfortable as a Catholic. Why would a man live with another man’s wife and still go to Church to clap and sing. God does not hate the sinner but the sin hence the need for penance as recommended by our Mother.

Confronting these evil ways of life, as St. John the Baptist did can attract persecution and all kinds of sorrow (Lk. 3:19-20), especially in today’s society where people rationalize and justify every action and there is so much confusion. Our holy Mother recommends that we must offer up as sacrifice all persecutions and inabilities and we must not shirk from living right. We pray for grace to always have the kingdom of God in our hearts that we may discern correctly and avoid evil ways of life. Questions: 1. Some Catholics have faulted the covid 19 vaccine for the simple fact that it contains foetal constituent from abortion while others say in so far as it can “immunize” us against the deadly disease, it is morally okay. Taking this as one example and many other similar cases, who defines what is evil and dictates the standard of living right: the society, the conscience, the church, the government, scientists or the bible in a subjectivist world of ours today? 2. How can we offer up all persecutions as sacrifice. What really constitutes persecution?

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