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Reflection on the Message of Our Lady of Aokpe by Bishop AyoMaria Cont'd

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The Necessity of Silence for the Nurture of Spiritual Life:

The importance of silence was dramatically illustrated in certain actions of the blessed Mother at Aokpe. Twice, if I remember rightly, when our Lady appeared and Christiana shouted, she disappeared before coming back again. Without the need for ground-sounding theological terminology, she teaches the merit of silence: be still, she tells us.

Many of us talk so much that, while we may see and hear a great deal, we never just quietly listen and understand. Forever talking, we so often misled both ourselves and others, (28.12.1997).

Silence is indispensable to anyone who wants to grow in spirit. We cannot journey into that inner self where our God is enthroned if our attention is always focused on external things. Silence is spiritual power, and it is in silence that great ideas evolve and great saints are made.

In this modern world with its culture of noise, let us learn to imitate Mama Maria, the woman of silence “who kept all these things, pondering on them in her heart”, (Luke 1:19). As the old saying has it, empty vessels make the most sound: a noisy person only betrays his or her spiritual emptiness. Learn to be silent, particularly in God’s house where he dwells spiritually. “Keep silent and listen to me”, (Is. 41:1). Learn to listen to the word of God!

The messages of Aokpe are similar in essence to the Fatima messages, and indeed to most of the messages brought down from Heaven by Mama Maria. They are purely evangelical, telling us not to worry about the future but to trust God, “and make the word of God your companion; it contains all the truth”.

She declares that we are “too choked with the noise of the world and hardly can we give time to God…read the bible and ask for understanding because there is confusion everywhere”. In this same message, (28.12.1997) she urges her children to “pray together and make time for penance”. We could not ask for advice more maternal and nurturing than this.

Hail Mary! Let us pray the Rosary together more often and make time for penance, otherwise we will surely perish just as Jesus warned in the scripture: “I tell you, now that unless you repent, you will all likewise perish”. (Luke 13:3)

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