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Bishop AyoMaria Atoyebi's Reflection on the Message of Our Lady of Aokpe

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

We hear the voice of a tender loving Mother re-echoing her own words, "Whatever He tells you, do it" and lovingly encouraging her children to practice the virtues, pray more fervently, do penance, focus at all times on the kingdom of God.

Mama Maria wants to inspire us to love God, love our neighbors and to recognize that our chief purpose here on earth is to live our lives in such a way that we may at last become worthy of the joys of Heaven. It is her Motherly love that motivates the frequency with which she manifests herself, and with which Nigeria has now been blessed.

The purpose of Her appearance was simply and clearly stated to Christiana: “I come from Heaven as the refuge for sinners. I come to win souls for Christ and to shelter my children in my Immaculate Heart. What I want you to do is to offer consolation to Jesus in prayer. Will you accept?” and Christiana answered “Yes”.

In another apparition She declared, “It is the love and mercy I feel for you that motivated me to come down from Heaven, my little, little children…. I have come to remind you of what you are to do, and what you are not to do. Strive, as I have been telling you, not to sin again. Pray and pray. Do penance. Remove the thorns surrounding the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pray for those whom the devil has ensnared… I am begging you to entrust yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and come close to Jesus now. If the people turn away from sin, and wholeheartedly repent, they can be assured forgiveness.”

These words encapsulate so much of what Our Blessed Mother needs us to know. She declares Herself to be a “Refuge of Sinners,” (1992). She emphasizes that the survival of the human race will depend on prayer, penance, and repentance; that we are living at a critical time, with prayer our only hope of salvation. This is urgent.

It saddens her to see that evil is ever and everywhere increasing, but she has come to reassure us that it can be curtailed through the prayer of the Rosary. She warns us to change our old ways, otherwise God will surely chastise the world. We can confront the machinations of the evil one through the power of the Rosary because, “The Rosary drives the evil one far away”, (Jan 1, 1994).

Mama Maria wants her children to be soldiers in her victorious army, and the Rosary is their weapon of victory. She told Christiana: “Say the rosary fervently, with all the might of the spirit within you. In doing so, you will be helping me bring down the mercy of God, which is what the world needs right now,” (Jan. 1994).


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