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Pray & Fast for the Conversion of Sinners

The Blessed Lady appeared and said, "Pray always for the conversion of sinners. I am always thinking about the salvation of sinners and you my children must do the same. Pray and fast earnestly for their repentance." Words of the Blessed Lady to Christiana Agbo at Aokpe Nigeria - 15th April 1992

Our Blessed Mother’s desire is in compliance with the perfect will of her son whose mission is to seek and convert sinners even as a Doctor’s ultimate mission is to cure the sick (Mk. 2:17). St. Monica wept, prayed and fasted for her son Augustine for many years and these sacrifices eventually produced one of the greatest saints we have in the Church today.

Conversion or salvation of sinners is about the greatest miracle for the son of God even gave his life that we might be saved and merit eternal life (John 3:16). It requires great grace that one may apply the words of Our Lord to the case of the demon-possessed boy ”This type requires prayer and fasting” (Mt. 17:21). Unfortunately, many Christians today have watered down the practice and discipline of fasting. As a result, hypocritical Christians and devotees of the Blessed Virgin abound.

Fasting purifies and humbles us. It strengthens our “firm purpose of amendment” and petitions before God. It elevates us spiritually. It is a requirement for true sons and daughters of Mary today. In fact, at Aokpe, Our Lady prescribed weekly fasting every Wednesday and Friday. Our Lord fasted for forty days and forty nights (Mt. 4:2) and uses the word “When” you fast, not “if” you fast (Mt. 6:16). This shows us that as soon as the bridegroom departs this world (Lk. 5:35) fasting becomes a requirement, not an optional discipline. Moses did the same (Ex.34:28) and it has been a way of life for the saints. Fasting is a private discipline that brings public rewards.

The mission of Our Lord and that of his mother are simple: Salvation of souls. In today’s message, our Lady shows us a secret to achieving it “pray and fast earnestly for their repentance”.

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