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The Evil One Could Tempt You Through Anybody

The Blessed Lady said, "So many souls will be captured by the evil one but at the end my Immaculate Heart will be victorious. In a short time, in the year 1998, the evil one will increase the error he has been spreading. There will be a lot of problems and confusion and many will not know which way to follow. The evil one will claim to be anything and everything, and many will follow him to confuse the children of God. The darkness that will descend in the world will be great. The evil one could tempt you through anybody, so you must be on guard, and be prayerful."

Part 2 Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo in Aokpe Nigeria - 3rd March 1995

For those who are in doubt, the Blessed Lady has made it clear that souls are captured by the evil one. These souls are in bondage and in satanic prison. Many are oppressed, repressed, suppressed, obsessed or possessed. Folks are introduced to occult practices in the name of seeking for solutions while some unknowingly get initiated through the internet. Normally, a diocesan exorcist would be needed to exorcize (deliver) such a person (Obad. 1:17). A lot of Rosaries are needed to completely break the yoke. Our Lady also recommends consecration to her Immaculate heart. Listen to what the Blessed Mother said, "So many souls will be captured by the evil one but at the end my Immaculate Heart will be victorious”. Those who have ears let them hear.

Our Lady continues by revealing one major characteristic of the adversary. A technique he uses to capture unsuspecting souls. He claims to be the solution to every problem. This will attract large followership to him; even children of God will be confused. Today, we see many “miracle workers” whose lives conflict with their messages. Many operating as wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mt. 7:15) and people flock to them hoping for miracles even with unjust petitions. Various recommendations are made in some cases ranging from bathing in the river at night to the use of certain oil of undisclosed origin.

The holy mother warns, “. . . be on guard, and be prayerful”.


To be honest, even as our holy Mother said in Aokpe, the people of God are saddled with so much difficulty and confusion today. Many are looking for solutions to their multifaceted problems. They run from pillar to post not knowing what to do and how to diagnose their problems let alone solving them. As scripture says, “The people perish where there is no vision” (Prov. 29:18) and in another place “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). In the light of the above and the reflection, how do you identify a brother or sister who says they are spiritually gifted and avoid the risk of being labelled as envious of their spiritual gift, which we all know, is a deadly sin, “for that would be to be at enmity with Him who gave them the gift”, as observed by St. John Chrysostom?

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