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The True Love of Neighbor Has Continued to Die Everyday

The Blessed Lady appeared and said, "The heart of Jesus bleeds so much, dear children because true love of neighbor has continued to die every day. I too am sad because the love I brought to your homes has not been allowed to grow."

This message was given by the Blessed Lady to Christiana Agbo on 16th December 2003.

Our Lord summarizes the Ten Commandments as Love of God and Love of neighbour. He narrates the story of the Good Samaritan to define a neighbour (Lk. 10: 25-37). In this message, our Lady reiterates the mind of her Divine Son. She wants it to begin from our homes, not far away.

In practice, it is increasingly becoming difficult in many homes today due to stress occasioned by the economy; and familiarity, especially when the other folk has grown insensitive or unreasonable.

Our Lady wants us to endure because Love is sacrifice and respect. No one goes to heaven without sacrifice. Love is also giving. A sign that one loves is that s/he gives. No one can demonstrate love without giving, even God. For God so *loved* the world that he *gave* his … (Jn. 3:16). We must learn to give our time, talents and treasure (3Ts).

The curriculum for making heaven is about giving these 3Ts (Mt. 25:31-40). Christmas is a time to love – a time to give. The wise men who are pagan kings know this. They gave Frankincense, gold and myrrh. We are challenged by our heavenly mother today to show love and let it start from our homes.

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Florence Onwukamuche
Florence Onwukamuche

Grant us the grace Holy Mother to imitate Jesus, your divine Son n the practice of charity. Amen

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