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What Jesus Said About The Blessed Virgin Mary When He Appeared in Aokpe Nigeria

Updated: May 10, 2022

This happened on the 8th day of May 1995. Jesus first appeared in the arms of our Lady as a child and then reappeared as a fully grown young man, extremely handsome with a fine beard. The Blessed Lady asked me to bring some water, which I brought. Then our Blessed Lord touched it. Our Blessed Lady said it should be sprinkled on the people.

Our Blessed Lord said, "Your trust in Mary should be immense, knowing that by the will of God her Power is without limit. Through the graces God has bestowed on her you approach the Eternal Father more faithfully. All that I could give her I have given, and all that she is able to receive she has received in fullness. If you ask anything from her, you place yourself in Divine Grace. She is the spouse of the Holy Spirit and she channels all graces; all the gifts you receive, you owe to a positive intervention on her part. She obtains everything for you from my hands."

I gave our Lady some rosaries to bless. While Jesus was speaking, rays of light came from his heart. He also pointed to his mother, and seven shadowy crucifixes came out of her heart.

Then our Blessed Lord said, "These signify the painful sorrows she shared with me. I have come to explain her position in the church, and that she should be highly honored as the spouse of the Holy Spirit. She is the woman who has greatly humbled herself. At prayer ask for her intercession, as it she who presents all your requests to God. She is close to the heart of God. At Mass, she is always present. She helps her children so much by bringing forward their supplication. She has been crowned with glory by the Holy Trinity."

Then our Blessed Lady said, "This is the one I present all your petitions to.

My children should come to me with faith and I will grant their heart desires. My children, carry out your duties with hearts full of love and respect. While praying for the conversion of sinners, pray for yourself too."

I asked, "Will you take mineral?"

The Holy Mother answered, "What type of mineral do you have?"

"We have Fanta, Coke and Maltina."

The Blessed Lady said, "Thank you, but no. These are earthly things." Then they waved and went back to Heaven.

Apparition of the Blessed Lord Jesus and the Blessed Lady in Aokpe Nigeria as narrated by the visionary, Christiana Agbo on 8th May 1995

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