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What Your Divine Master Wants of You is Love

The Blessed Lady said, "This is the time to ask and receive graces from your Holy Mother. During this time of the memorial of the suffering of Christ, offer reparation and you will receive many blessings from Jesus. What your divine master wants of you is love: Love for the Blessed Trinity. Love your neighbor, love greatly and you shall see the face of God."

Part 1 Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo at Aokpe Nigeria - 21st January 1994

It is not surprising that the most holy mother wants us to ask her for graces. She is full of it (Lk. 1:28 ) and capable of transmitting it to us without diminishing just as a burning candle is capable of giving light to other candles without losing its own light. According to St. Louis De Montfort, God gathered all the waters on earth and called them seas. He gathered all his graces and called them Mary.

What are graces used for?

Graces are used for personal sanctification and the sanctification of others. The heavenly mother wants her children to use these graces she communicates to them for reparation and for love; love of neighbour and love of God, that they may sanctify themselves and others.

In today’s selfish world, we pretend not to notice the difficulties of our immediate or remote neighbours. The heart is stone cold and full of impurities. Neighbours are seen with the eye of suspicion and we dare not extend hand of familiarity and friendship for fear of commitment; charity has become a thing of the past. The Blessed Lady wants a U-turn to these attitudes. In living for others, we live for God. We pray for grace to have our hearts purified by reparation and love that we may see the face of God (Mt. 5:8).

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