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The Visionary

The Visionary - Biography

Christiana the visionary was born on Saturday 29 March 1980. In order of birth she was 9th out of 10 siblings.Her father Mr. Christopher Onoja Agbo RIP was a Headmaster at various primary schools run by the Catholic Church and subsequently by the Government. He was also a catechist in the local St Patrick’s Catholic Church. Christiana’s mother, Mrs. Regina Onyelu Agbo (nee Ejembi) was President of Christian Mothers’ Association, member of various prayer groups in the outstation under the Holy Name Parish, Ugbokolo.

Christiana attended the local primary school and in 1992, at age 12 reported seeing a beautiful lady from Heaven who subsequently wished to be known as the Mediatrix of all Graces. The Apparitions went on over long period. She could not speak English at the outset and the Lady spoke with her in the native dialect Idoma.


The Visionary of Aokpe

Christiana had a six hour vision of Hell, Heaven and Purgatory and has shared in the sufferings and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lady asked Christiana to study which she faithfully did obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Law from university of Jos Nigeria, a Master’s degree in Law at Warwick University in England. She is currently a lecturer at Baze University, Nigeria. She is married to a Barrister and has 3 children. For full account of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Aokpe and her messages please refer to the other resources on the webpage.


John Ochai - 25/11/20

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