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Messages of Our Lady on the Blessed Sacrament at Aokpe

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  1.  18th  August 1993


While we were praying, I saw a Communion host and I heard a voice telling me to kneel down after which the Host became real blood on the floor and it flowed gently to where I was kneeling. I got up to see if I was stained but there was no stain. The voice came again that we should say the Creed and Our Father. The blood became a Communion Host again. Then I saw an opening in the wall in our room and half hand appeared carrying a covered cup into the wall. Then the voice came again “This room is blessed, pray and adore here always” I did not understand the meaning of the event but later it became clear to me that the Blessed Lady wanted us to adore the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament all the time and since we had no Tabernacle at Aokpe and Ugbokolo being too far away, she made provision for this invisible Tabernacle. (chap 6: p41-42)

 2.  1st October 1993


A few minutes after I came back from church service, I saw two Angels. Immediately I saw them I knelt down but they asked me to stand. They genuflected and the place where the Blessed Sacrament was kept opened like a door, then they removed the Blessed Sacrament from it. “We have been asked to remove the Blessed Sacrament”. As they were leaving, I heard the sound of a ringing bell. (chap 6: p 43)

 3.  9th October 1993


I went to check my mother’s farm, on reaching there I saw an Angel. He was holding the Communion Cup. He asked me to bow and adore the Lord and after a few seconds he gave me a communion which taste like the one the priest give us whenever we are privileged to have him come for Mass in the remote village. Of course, I do not know where the Angel got the Communion from, we do not have a tabernacle in our church except in Ugbokolo which is four miles away from Aokpe (chap 6: p 43).

 4. 3rd January 1994


When I was praying the rosary, I heard a voice telling me I should not go anywhere at the moment but, I should stay quiet and pray. At 11.00 pm two Angels appeared and said, the Blessed Lady could not be here today. The Blessed Lady has message for the world: “There is a serious war between the world of Light and the world of Darkness, you must work hard with us. You must become serious”. They now asked me and the friends praying with me to say three Hail Mary so that I will be able to write the prayer which the Blessed Lady has sent them to give me. They taught me the Divine Praises. I was able to write the Divine Praises and I was asked to say it every day for it pleases God. (chap 6: p 44)

blessed sacrament and angels

 5. 5th February 1994



An Angel appeared and said, “Today is the first Saturday of the month” and then gave me Communion. I prayed after receiving the Communion. The Angel never explained anything about First Saturday, I just assumed that first Saturday is very important and that one needs to pray (chap 7: p 46)

 6. 14th  May 1995


The Blessed Lady appeared as earlier promised and I said to her, Mother your peace comes from heaven. Truly my peace comes from heaven she replied. My little children, I want you to pray before the Blessed Sacrament often and while meditating, you will find Jesus speaking to you. Many people, some priests do not believe in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Attend Mass, Jesus is there. If you ask him anything with a sincere heart you will receive many gifts, blessings and graces from him (chap 8: p 65-66)

 7. 16th July 1995


You must have great love for Jesus who was crucified for your sake and always speaks loving words to you. It is the same love of Jesus that I have for you that made me come down from Heaven. Pray and always console Jesus, pay visit to the Blessed Sacrament, have the same love of Jesus for your neighbors'. (chap 8: p 68)

 8. 8th December 1995


Then Our Blessed Lady asked why I did not go for Adoration and I told her that I was sleeping and she said; Why did you not offer the sleep to Jesus, you have to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament more frequently. When Our Blessed Lady said I should have offered the sleep to Jesus, I said to myself after she went to Heaven that the best way to offer that sleep was to have gone there and sleep in the presence of Jesus. It would have been a wonderful sleep. (chap 8 p 79-80)

 9. 11th October 1997


The Blessed Lady appeared beside the Blessed Sacrament in our little church and said; My children, see how my heart seeks for your faces and to hear your sweet voices that sing praises to God. My Divine Son Jesus is here and He will give His peace to His Church. My children, how much do you love to listen to His voice or to see His face? See how he longs to see the pure heart of the young people but this is no more for all you see and hear now bring about impurity. Amend your lives and Jesus will love you again. (chap 9: p 91)

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