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The Mission of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God, the Perpetual Virgin and the Woman assumed body and soul into heaven. The only creature that has no stain of sin: the Immaculate Heart! She is the only creature that could sustain us without wavering in things of God. Of what God wants! And how to go about it!

our lady of aokpe.jpg

Statue of Our Lady of Aokpe

She keeps us focused and helps us live the Will of God that will save us. About prayer, she tells us to pray the Rosary assiduously and attend Holy Mass with all our hearts to give glory to God.

She insists we do penance and repent! 

She teaches us to love and respect the priests!

She leads us into making reparation for other people’s sins.

She gives us beautiful places of prayer such as pilgrimage centres.

She shields us from the Devil! And she continues to caution us to stop committing sin which enslaves us to the devil.

She helps us to live profoundly the demands of God and the Church.

Her care for our souls and to see us in heaven brought her down to us in our time at Aokpe. We are contemporaries, retelling ourselves the story and faithfully passing it on to the next generation.

Her method doesn't fail. The Mediatrix of All Graces of Aokpe has touched down here and will stay to achieve all her aims.

She does things always in her own style and method.

Noiseless! Her concerns for you and me is whether we will listen to her and do what she tells us to do and keep in state of grace always which will guarantee our place in heaven.

Everything she wants at Aokpe will be realized in her own time. No one can stop her. Sure! She needs our help, and appreciates and gives thanks when we answer. The Day of Grace! The day of Mediatrix of All Graces will always be our succor. We now bow our heads for her blessing. Thank you Most Holy Mother.

Reflection by Fr. Paulinus Emeka

I am the Mediatrix of All Graces: I mediate between God and men. All that God could give to me, He has given. I have the grace that can be given to men that can keep them away from sin, and they will have the fear of God in them. I have a great need of your help

She is the woman who has greatly humbled herself. At prayer ask for her intercession, as it she who presents all your requests to God. She is close to the heart of God. At Mass, she is always present.

"My little children, I have come to warn you again to amend your ways, and that if you do not amend your ways, the chastisement will be very great. There will be so much trouble in the world. God is going to chastise the world, and it will be terrible.

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