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Our Lady as the Mediatrix of all Graces

Let us meditate on this message of our Lady and pay particular attention on the Intentions she asked us to always pray for. Pray in this great period when the devil is everywhere. Pray that I may hide you in my Immaculate Heart. Come closer to my Immaculate Heart. Pray especially for the time that is coming, the time of great darkness that I may cover you with my Immaculate Heart. Pray because of those the devil has already captured, those who are dead in sin. My little child, pray that the light of the Holy Spirit will be enkindled in their hearts. Pray now my little children so that you may understand my coming here. 



I am the Mediatrix of All Graces: I mediate between God and men. All that God could give to me, He has given. I have the grace that can be given to men that can keep them away from sin, and they will have the fear of God in them. I have a great need of your help Christiana. Pray seriously, and especially the holy Rosary every day.  I am happy that you always respond to my call whenever I call on you. My children I give you my blessing, my heavenly mother's blessing. This blessing will always remain with you. Look up I am going to Heaven" (Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces at Aokpe to Christian Agbo, on 4th of November, 1995)

Our lady of Aokpe Mediatrix of all Graces

Fr. Paulinus Emeka

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