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You Grieve the Heart of Jesus Because You Speak Ill of Me, His Mother

This is what the Blessed Lady said to me in a vision. "The evil one is fighting the children of God even more seriously. I want you to go to Edlo'igbole, offer reparation and sing songs. Offer up sacrifices, fast especially on Wednesdays and Fridays and pray for sinners to return to God".

She moved back, then I saw thousands of people running to take shelter under her open arms but some could not enter to take refuge, and to them she said, "You have grievously wounded the heart of Jesus because you spoke so ill of me, his mother". Those who cried out in sorrow were later accepted by Our Lady, and were happy again.

Message of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christiana Agbo at Aokpe Nigeria - 16th February 1994

The Blessed Mother never ceases to admonish her children that they may quickly rise to perfection as they make their way to eternity. She wants us to leave our comfort zone and go to a place of prayer to offer reparation and songs of praise.

When you see activities that go on in the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus in churches today, theft of consecrated species, how critical and presumptuous devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) talk and act, even against her and the sacrileges all over the place, we know that there is a need for constant reparation which should be accompanied by songs of praise. Scripture says that the heavenly gates and courts can only be accessed with songs of praise (Ps. 100:4).

In this apparition our heavenly Mother also reveals a great secret: the peak days of utmost spiritual significance. We can fast everyday but Wednesdays and Fridays are special.

Those who insult her out of ignorance wound the heart of Jesus, making her role as the Refuge of sinners void for such people. As the Psalmist says, “And of Zion it shall be said, this and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her” Ps.87:5. Scripture scholars say that this man is Jesus who is righteous and close to God. That man represents the rest of us who are sinners and are far from God. However, both this man (who is near) and that man (who is far) have one mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary (Rev. 12:17).

In this connection, our mother permitted a vision of her role as the Refuge of sinners but this office of hers are frustrated by reprobate souls. Repentance, reparation, and mortification are the only solutions. May the Lord help us to respond to this revelation, making the utmost spiritual use of every Wednesday and Friday. May the Refuge of sinners pray for us. Amen.

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